The following resources were either completely or partially developed by Project NIA. See all of our resources HERE.

Attica Prison Uprising 101 -A Short Primer (2011): This publication, created by Mariame Kaba with contributions by Lewis Wallace and Katy Groves, is a brief primer for educators and organizers. It includes a timeline of events about the Attica prison uprising (with primary sources); testimonies from Attica prisoners; poetry by Attica prisoners; sample activities for youth; and other suggested resources. This was created to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the prison rebellion.

Giving Name to the Nameless – Using Poetry as an Anti-Violence Intervention with Girls (2010): This curriculum resource was developed by Mariame Kaba with contributions by Caitlin Ostrow-Seidler. The guide includes over 30 poems that address gender-based violence as well as tips and suggestions for individuals who are interested in facilitating poetry circles with girls and young women.

Film, Art and Resistance with Young Women in Detention (2011): This is curriculum guide developed by the Girl Talk Leadership Team for its work at the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center.

PIC 101 Curriculum (2011): The Chicago PIC Teaching Collective developed a curriculum for a 4 hour introductory workshop.

Something is Wrong: Exploring the Roots of Youth Violence (2010): Project NIA, the Chicago Freedom School and Teachers for Social Justice partnered with other volunteers to develop a curriculum guide in order to contribute to the ongoing efforts by young people and their adult allies to analyze the root causes of youth violence and to create local solutions. The guide was co-edited and co-authored by Mariame Kaba.


A Story of Attica: A Zine (2011): This zine was developed and created by Mariame Kaba, Lewis Wallace, Micah Bazant and Katy Groves. It is a shorter version of the Attica Primer listed above.

Cradle to Prison Pipeline Zine Series (2011) — This zine series was developed by Project NIA, the Jane Addams Hull House Museum and the Chicago Freedom School. There are four titles in the series. The following three were authored and illustrated by teaching artists, Rachel Williams: Girls in the System, History of Juvenile Justice in Illinois, the School-to-Prison Pipeline. The final zine was authored and illustrated by teaching artist Elgin Smith: Youth Stories (of the Incarcerated). Information about the process of developing the series can be found here.

The PIC Is… (2011) – This zine was created by artist Billy Dee and the Chicago Prison Industrial Complex Teaching Collective to educate the general public about the ravages of the prison industrial complex.

2010 North Lawndale Juvenile Justice Snapshot (2011) – This is a report that presents key juvenile justice data for the North Lawndale community. See:

2009 Rogers Park Juvenile Justice Snapshot (2010) – This is a report that presents key juvenile justice data for the Rogers Park community.

Arresting Justice (2011) – This report about 2009 & 2010 juvenile arrests in Chicago was co-authored by Project NIA and First Defense Legal Aid.

Chicago Youth Justice Data Project (2010) – This online resource provides timely and relevant data about juvenile justice in Illinois and Chicago.

Policing Chicago Public Schools: A Gateway to the School-to-Prison Pipeline (2012) – This is a report based on data from the Chicago Police Department that addresses juvenile school-based arrests in Chicago Public Schools.

Violence and Criminalization of Girls in Illinois (2010) – This is a section of a report by the Chicago Taskforce on Violence against Girls and Young Women, written by Mariame Kaba.

Suspension Stories (2011): This is a participatory action research project by the Rogers Park Young Women’s Action Team and Project NIA. This site includes videos and audio stories, art, and curricula addressing the school to prison pipeline.

Prison Culture: This is Mariame’s personal blog where she writes about the prison industrial complex and how it impacts our lives.