June 7: “No Knock” An Artistic Speak-Out Against The American Police State

The Revolutionary Poets Brigade of Chicago presents a public program of artists and activists to discuss and empower ourselves against the increasing reality of the American Police State: a complex system of oppression made up of many interrelated parts, from police brutality to the school-to-prison pipeline to corporate mergers with the state to mass-surveillance by the government. What is a “police state?” In what ways are we facing (or approaching) “police state” conditions in the U.S.? And most importantly, what can we do to protect our rights?

by Gordon Parks

by Gordon Parks

Assuming good weather, we will gather at the fountain on the “island” between Ashland, Division, and Milwaukee. (In case of rain, we will be at Young Chicago Authors, 1180 N. Milwaukee).

The program will be posted soon!

This event will be held in solidarity with a reading on the same day and subject by the San Francisco Revolutionary Poets Brigade (the original Chapter, http://revolutionarypoetsbrigade.com/).

Here’s the Facebook Event Page.


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