SB 1342 is now HB 5672; It’s Still Terrible – Please OPPOSE IT!

For over a year, we and our allies have been adamantly OPPOSED to a mandatory minimum gun bill SB 1342. We expected that the bill’s sponsors would not give up on passing it into law after it was not called in December.

by Jacqui Shine

by Jacqui Shine

Well on February 14, Representative Mike Zalewski filed a (slightly) modified version of SB 1342 as HB 5672. The bill has been referred to the rules committee.

For information about why you should STRONGLY OPPOSE SB1342/HB5672, read the following FACT SHEET.

Then please TAKE ACTION. Contact your State Representative and Senator and REITERATE YOUR STRONG OPPOSITION TO MANDATORY MINIMUM PRISON LAWS. We need MASS MOBILIZATION against this odious bill and please make it known to ANY LEGISLATOR who votes for this that they are causing harm and that you will take this into account as the election approaches. Illinoisans are actually AGAINST this bill as we found in a survey of opinions last year.

The Vera Institute just published a brief that outlines why mandatory minimums are ineffective and costly. You can read that here. The entire country is moving AWAY from mandatory minimums and Illinois should NOT be an outlier in this.


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