December 2: Shine A Light on Mandatory Minimums

Please join us on December 2 at 6 p.m. to shine a light on the negative consequences of mandatory minimum prison sentences (like the one currently being considered in Springfield for illegal possession of a firearm). Please bring a flashlight or a sign with you.


Let us know that you are coming by emailing or by RSVPing via Facebook.

Please spread the word to your friends, family, and others. Special thanks to our friend and supporter Suey Park for creating the wonderful image above!

Below our friends at the Community Renewal Society eloquently explain why it’s important to oppose SB 1342:

If SB 1342 passes, a person who carries an unloaded firearm in public (with ammunition accessible) without a valid FOID (Firearms Owner Identification) card would be automatically charged with Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon. If convicted, a person with no previous record would be required to serve eighty-five percent of a one-year prison sentence. The proposed law does not put a cap on the age or type of felony that subjects people to mandatory minimum sentences. People with minor drug possession and retail theft convictions will be viewed the same as “career violent criminals.”

We are expecting Governor Quinn to call a special session of the Illinois Legislature in early December, right after Thanksgiving. There is a strong chance that the General Assembly will vote on SB 1342 during this session.

We cannot let SB 1342 pass. An investigation conducted by the Chicago Reporter revealed that if mandatory minimums for illegal gun possessions had been in place between 2000 and 2011, “Illinois taxpayers would have been responsible for, at a minimum, more than $760 million in additional incarceration costs related to gun possession convictions….” There are also human costs of incarceration. A person who serves a mandatory sentence returns to society a marked person faced with barriers to finding a job, a stable home, or ongoing mental health services, if needed.

We need you to call or e-mail your legislators NOW and urge them to vote AGAINST SB 1342. Over three hundred organizations and individuals have already recorded their opposition to this bill. Tell our legislators that being “smart” rather than “tough” on crime will reduce violence in Chicago. Act NOW.


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