Resources & Ideas for Discussing Transformative Justice…

Today, we officially kick off Chicago Transformative Justice Fall with a new resource/curriculum guide that was created by Billy Dee and Mariame Kaba with contributions by Micah Bazant, Ann Russo, and Lewis Wallace.

The transformative justice curriculum guide (PDF) offers some idea for educators, organizers, and community members who want to facilitate conversations about concepts such as intervening when harms occur, how to define justice, forgiveness, alternatives to policing, and more.

We hope that you will use the ideas included in the guide to facilitate rich discussions in your chosen communities. We also hope that you will link the ideas addressed in the guide to concrete actions that you are or might take to transform harm and create more justice in the world.

Finally, please make it a point to join us for the opening of our upcoming art exhibit that will meditate on topics such as justice, a world without prisons, and more on November 15th. We invite groups to make arrangements to visit during the course of the exhibition’s run.


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