Transformative Justice Fall… Get Involved

Project NIA presents… Chicago Transformative Justice Fall (October-December 2013)

This Fall, Project NIA kicks off a series of transformative justice-focused discussions, film screenings, art exhibition, and other activities. We got an early start with an event on August 15th about how we might consider the Trayvon Martin case through a transformative justice lens.

Our goal is to raise public awareness about transformative justice and to think critically about our practice of mass incarceration. We will explore the values and social forces that underpin our punishment mindset and practices. We will examine how we respond to harm and injustice— both in our own choices as individuals and in what we ask our institutions to do in our names.

There are many ways that you can participate in Transformative Justice Fall.

1. Use the curriculum guide (PDF) to discuss transformative justice with youth, neighbors, colleagues, and friends. If you are an educator, consider using it with your students.

2. Submit art. We have two calls for submissions:
Miniature Cities of Refuge:  (Due October 21)
Picturing a World Without Prison:  (Due October 15)

3. Attend events

4. Organize your own events (submit details about your event by September 30)

5. Co-sponsor out upcoming art exhibition: (We need financial contributions as well as groups and organizations who are interested in spreading the word)

6. Co-sponsor events

For more information about Transformative Justice Fall, contact Mariame Kaba at


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