Call for Submissions: Picturing A World Without Prisons

This Fall, Project NIA will kick off a series of transformative justice focused events, an exhibition, and other activities. We got an early start with an event on August 15th about how we might consider the Trayvon Martin case through a transformative justice lens.

WorldWithoutPrisons (1)

Picturing A World Without Prisons

We had the idea to invite photographers (amateur and professional) to share their ideas for how we might visualize a world without prisons. Prison abolition is a central tenet of transformative justice. We believe that using art (in this case photography) can help unlock our imaginations to think about how we might envision and build a world without prisons.

All of the photographs submitted will be included in an online exhibit this December. We will also create a zine that includes some of the photographs so that we can share this with currently incarcerated people. Finally, we are also sponsoring a physical exhibition of the photographs this fall.

Key Details

1. Submissions are accepted from both amateur and professional photographers of all ages and from across the world.
2. Submissions will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis.
3. Please submit your photograph as a JPEG file.
4. Please attach a short (under 200 words) statement explaining how your photograph depicts a world without prisons.
5. Please send the JPEG and your statement to

Each photographer retains all rights to their work. By submitting your art, you give Project NIA permission include the photograph in an online exhibit, to include it in a zine that will be created to share with currently incarcerated people and in a physical exhibition from November 11-December 6 in Chicago. Photographs will be credited to the artist.


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