New Resource: A Youth-Friendly Reader About Trayvon Martin Case

by Alixa Garcia (Arise for Assata Project)

by Alixa Garcia (Arise for Assata Project)

Since the jury declared its verdict of not-guilty in the George Zimmerman trial, many people have written excellent articles about Trayvon Martin, the legal case, the endemic racism in the nation’s institutions, and more.
Everyone wanted to add their words to the conversation and as a result it felt like we were being inundated with commentary.

Because we work with young people, we decided to collect some of the writing that we found to be most affecting and most illuminating about the issues involved in the Trayvon Martin case. We took care to include writing that would be accessible to young people with an 8th grade reading level.

This publication is appropriate for high school aged youth and older. It includes articles, manifestos, and a couple of poems. At the end, we offer a short list of potential activities and actions that young people can do.

You can download the reader HERE (PDF).

Special thanks to Victoria Law who suggested some of the articles to include in this publication and to Antonia Clifford who answered our call for a volunteer graphic designer.

We hope that you find this resource helpful.

In peace and solidarity,

Mariame Kaba
Founder and Director, Project NIA


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