RACE. JUSTICE. POWER: Through the Lens of the Trayvon Martin Case and Its Relevance to Chicago

by Ricardo Levins Morales

by Ricardo Levins Morales

WED July 17 | 7-9:30 PM

Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts Performance Hall (1st Floor)
915 E. 60th Street (at Drexel)
(Green Line Cottage Grove/63rd stop)

Free. Please share with youth and adults communities.

Facilitated by Prudence Brown and Danton Floyd. Speakers include Malcolm X College Professor Abra Johnson, author and writer for The Gaurdian, Gary Younge.

Teach-in description:


The acquittal of George Zimmerman in the killing of Black Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin, has ignited protests and triggered debates about the nature of race, class, gender, violence and power in this country. There have been a flood of emotions and editorials surround the Zimmerman trial and Martin death. This teach-in is an opportunity to delve into the underlying issues that surround this case and what it represents in a larger socio-political context. Pressing issues explored at the teach-in include:
  • What has been the role of mainstream media in framing or distorting the case?
  • How does this case fit into the larger frame of the growing prison industry, criminalization of Black and Brown youth, and the escalating problem of gun violence?
  • What are the lessons about the mechanisms of change or the limits of certain mechanisms for change – how effective are mass pressure/ mobilization? Petitions? Art? The court system? Social media?
  • What would “justice” look like in this case, especially given there is such widespread criticism of incarceration as a solution? How do prison abolitionists respond to the George Zimmerman trial?

Additionally we will collectively explore the implications of the Martin murder and Zimmerman acquittal in light of the ongoing crises of violence, school closings and deteriorating life chances for Black and Brown youth in Chicago.

This will be an interactive teach-in with resources and information provided in multiple formats.

Co-conveners: Charity Tolliver, Lisa Brock, Tracye Matthews, Cathy Cohen, Jasson Perez, David Stovall, Barbara Ransby, Danton Floyd, Mia Henry, Asha Ransby-Sporn, Mariame Kaba, FM Supreme, Alice Kim, Rev. Janette Wilson, Kevin Coval, Isis Ferguson, Lisa Yun Lee, Touissaint Losier, Deana Lewis, Lynette Jackson, James Thindwa, Martha Biondi, Fresco Steez.



  1. I wish I could participate. To me, all the issues mentioned are important but the biggest single one is guns. If Mr. Zimmerman had not been strapped with 9mm of false courage, it is unlikely that he would have ever left his car.

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