Action Alert: Make Sure that Redeploy IL Is FUNDED!

Support the Governor’s proposed budget for Redeploy Illinois ($4.9M)

It’s time to increase the state’s investment in the successful Redeploy Illinois program, which gives counties resources to keep non-violent youth out of state prisons by providing a range of community-based services to the youth and his or her family.

Juvenile Redeploy – Successful Fiscal Incentive:
In the past six years, the Redeploy Illinois program has diverted more than 880 youth from state juvenile prisons, allowing the state to avoid more than $40 million in added incarceration costs and increasing the likelihood those juvenile offenders will change their behaviors.

Increase funding to apply Redeploy programming in all top committing counties:
In recent years, state funding has stayed steady at about $2.3 million per year and established Redeploy Illinois in 28 counties and provided planning grants to a handful of other interested counties.  Over a dozen sites, including Winnebago, Vermilion and Cook County, are completing planning grants to prepare to set up Redeploy programming.   With the additional funding proposed by Gov Quinn – an increase to $4.9 million – these new planning grant sites which account for more than half the current commitments to state juvenile prisons, can all have Redeploy programming to divert youth from prison.   This will result in improved public safety and increased saving for Illinois.

Juvenile Redeploy Illinois- A nationally acclaimed model of fiscal realignment:
Juvenile Redeploy Illinois creates a fiscal incentive to encourage counties to use limited state resources to expand community-based alternatives while decreasing reliance on costly incarceration.   In Juvenile Redeploy, sites pledge to reduce their commitments to state correctional facilities (Dept. of Juvenile Justice) by 25 percent over a three-year base average, in return for state funding to support alternative community programming for youth that judges would otherwise incarcerate.  

WHERE:  Human Services Budget-the Dept of Human Services (DHS) is allocated funds for Juvenile Redeploy Illinois

Cook County House members on Human Services Appropriations-
Ch. Greg Harris D Springfield (217) 782-3835 District (773) 348-3434
VC: Robyn Gabel D Springfield (217) 782-8052 District (847) 424-9898
Scott Drury D Springfield    (217) 782-0902 District (847) 681-8580
Sara Feigenholtz D Springfield (217) 782-8062     District (773) 296-4141
La Shawn K. Ford D   Springfield (217) 782-5962     District (773) 378-5902
Esther Golar D Springfield (217) 782-5971     District (773) 925-6580
Elizabeth Hernandez D Springfield (217) 782-8173     District (708) 222-5240
Camille Y. Lilly D Springfield (217) 782-6400     District (773) 473-7300
Elgie R. Sims, Jr. D Springfield (217) 782-6476     District (773) 783-8800
Kathleen Willis D Springfield (217) 782-3374     District (708) 562-6970
Cook County Senate members on Appropriations I-
Ch. Heather A. Steans  D Springfield (217) 782-8492        District (773) 769-1717
VC : Dan Kotowski  D Springfield (217) 782-3875 District (847) 656-5416
William Delgado D Springfield (217) 782-5652       District (773) 292-0202
Mattie Hunter D Springfield (217) 782-5966 District (312) 949-1908
Donne E. Trotter D Springfield (217) 782-3201 District (773) 933-7715
Patricia Van Pelt D Springfield (217) 782-6252 District (312) 888-9191
MS: Matt Murphy R Springfield (217) 782-4471 District (847) 776-1490

Full committee membership is included HERE. For more details about legislators and committees, visit  For a fact sheet about Redeploy funding, click HERE.

There’s a hearing in the House tomorrow on the DHS budget. We would specially like to make sure there’s strong support for Redeploy Illinois so the current planning sites could come on next year. The 3 planning sites are Cook, Vermillion and Winnebago counties. These 3 counties committed over 51% of the youth in DJJ for FY11. It would be excellent if you could slip in support for Thursday.

Page 38
For Grants and Administrative Expenses of Redeploy Illinois………………………….4,885,100


Remember that when you file your slip to check “record of appearance only” since you won’t actually be testifying in support of the bill.


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