May 18: Policing, Violence, Resistance and Alternatives


We are excited to announce the next in our series of workshops for the first half of 2013.  We are partnering with the Chicago Freedom School as part of their “Communiversity” series for these workshops.  All workshops are inter-generational (they are accessible to people ages 14 and up).

All workshops are from 1 to 4:30 p.m. (unless otherwise specified); and will be held at CFS, 719 S. State Street, Suite 3N.  CFS is accessible and there’s an elevator at the back of the building.

We invite you to BRING YOUR LUNCH with you.

IMPORTANT: We thank those who are interested in our workshops and trainings. In order to prepare for these interactive workshops, we must have an accurate count of people who will attend. We strive to make our workshops accessible and therefore we sometimes offer these at no cost to participants. However, we as an organization to incur costs in organizing and delivering these opportunities. We ask that those who plan to attend PRE-REGISTER but ONLY IF YOU ARE CERTAIN THAT YOU WILL ATTEND. We really mean this. Space is limited in our workshops and we ask that you PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU ARE NOT ACTUALLY PLANNING TO ATTEND. Please be considerate of us and others. We have adopted a new policy as of May 1st. If you pre-register for one of our (free to you) workshops and do not attend, we will no longer register you for future (free to you) opportunities.

Policing, Violence, Resistance, and Alternatives:
This workshop will introduce participants to the work of Chain Reaction, a participatory research and popular education project with the goal of supporting conversations about alternatives to calling police on young people. Driven by our political goal of ending youth incarceration, Chain Reaction volunteers held workshops and recorded audio and video at youth centers and other spaces around the city, including a center for LGBTQ youth and youth experiencing homelessness. Youth told stories about being targeted by police because of their race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and age. Their experiences with police often set off a chain reaction that funnels youth into the prison industrial complex, a system that targets people of color, transgender women, and other folks from marginalized groups.

The workshop will provide an overview of a history of policing and police violence. Participants will then learn about the work of Chain Reaction and listen to some of the stories we collected. Through interactive activities and personal storytelling, we will explore what alternatives to calling police exist for those considering relying on police interventions within our communities, and imagine the ideal chain reaction we could set off in response to fear, violence, or harm in our communities. We will also ask what role can adult allies can play in promoting alternatives to calling the police on young people and diverting young people from the prison industrial complex.

Finally, Project NIA and the Chicago PIC Teaching Collective have developed several resources (including zines, curricula, and pamphlets) that can be used to foster conversations with youth about policing. We will share these resources with workshop participants.

Pre-registration is REQUIRED. Please register HERE (only if you are certain to attend).


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