Action Alert: HB5602

UPDATE: This bill passed the house with 99 votes yesterday, March 23rd. HB5602. It passed despite objections from advocates. The bill broadens scope of police reporting to all school officials to include all offenses and those under investigation as well as actually arrested.

HB 5602 (Rep. Sente) amends the School Code and the Juvenile Court Act to allow for “reciprocal reporting” of law enforcement records between “appropriate school official(s)” and local law enforcement agencies when a student has been arrested or “is the subject of a police investigation” for a felony or a Class A or B misdemeanor.

These laws already allow reporting of information to schools when a youth has been arrested, detained or taken into custody for certain offenses, such as unlawful use of a weapon, forcible felonies or violations of the controlled substances, cannabis or methamphetamine acts. This bill would broaden the reporting of law enforcement and juvenile records to schools.

The pending amendment to the bill would also REMOVE language in the original bill to protect the confidentiality of any records shared with schools. The amendment STRIKES language that would have provided that “information derived from the law enforcement records shall be kept separate from and shall not become a part of the official school record of that child and shall not be a public record. The information shall be used solely by the appropriate school official or officials to aid in the proper rehabilitation of the child and to protect the safety of students and employees in the school.”

HB 5602 and the amendment are sponsored by Carol Sente (D), Lake County. It was passed out of the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee on March 7th with the understanding that it would need further amendment before going to a floor vote.

Please contact Rep. Sente’s office to state your opposition to bill and your concern about further stigmatizing and criminalizing youth. PLEASE DO THIS TODAY AND MONDAY

Representative Carol A. Sente (D)
59th District
Springfield Office:
292-S Stratton Office Building
Springfield, IL 62706
(217) 782-0499
(217) 558-1092 FAX

District Office:
430 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Suite 8
Lincolnshire, IL 60069
(847) 478-9909
(847) 478-9960 FAX
Lake County


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