Gov. Quinn’s FY13 Budget – Juvenile Justice

by Billy Dee

Yesterday Governor Quinn released his budget (PDF)

He specifically mentioned IYC-Joliet and IYC-Murphysboro in his list of 14 state facilities he has targeted for closure. These two facilities are slated to close by July 31, and save the state $17.7 million.

Redeploy IL maintained its current FY12 funding level of $2,485,500.

The Dept of Juvenile Justice budget would shrink from the FY12 actual $141,419,800 to an FY13 proposed level of $125,211,000, based on the two facility closures, but….. aftercare would increase from FY12 level of 9,729,100 to $12,715,100 for FY13.

The DJJ Fact Sheet includes a goal to “rebalance from prison-based to community-based care when appropriate.”

You can view the agency budget breakdown here (PDF).


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