Call to Action: 2012 Illinois Juvenile Justice Legislation

Project NIA is supporting several bills in this session of the General Assembly that are related to juvenile justice. We would like to share these with you and ask that you please reach out to your representatives about these bills. Please take 10 minutes out of your day to call or e-mail them to let them know that you too support these commonsense bills. Information about how to do this is below.

The UN-marked Campaign — Please check back next week when we will have a bill number for our juvenile expungement reform bill that is being sponsored by Senator Kwame Raoul. More information about this bill will be forthcoming.

HB5492 (Gabel) – Juvenile Reentry Reform (PDF) – This bill sets a time limit for juvenile parole, per the recommendation of the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission’s extensive Youth Reentry Improvement Report, October, 2011. Currently, youth can be held on parole terms lasting until they turn 21.

SB 3194 (PDF) – (Collins) – Preventing Juvenile Records from Going to State Police – This bill ensures confidentiality of juvenile arrests by reenacting protections against sending juvenile arrest records to state police.

SB3195 (PDF) (Collins) – Access to Counsel for youth questioned on murder charge – This bill creates a mandatory presumption against admission of statements by minors made without an attorney in homicide investigations – the presumption applies only to the use of the statements in adult, not juvenile, court. There will be hearing on this bill on Wed February 29 at 9:00 am (Rm 212 Capitol).

SB3196 (PDF) (Collins) – Raise Age of Juvenile Detention to 13 –This bill will make the minimum age for detention (pre-trial confinement) of minors consistent with the current minimum age for for post-trial commitment to Dept of Juvenile Justice. Currently, the minimum age for detention is 10, while the minimum age for commitment to state facilities is 13 – this makes 13 the uniform age for confinement. The number of youth affected is small with 306 youth under the age of 13 held in detention statewide in 2010, based on data from the statewide juvenile detention monitoring system, JMIS.

You can access bill text and full information HERE. You can find the list of the members of the Senate Criminal Law committee HERE.

Please contact the Senate Criminal Law Committee members today and tomorrow about your support specifically for SB3194, SB3195, and SB3196.


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