Ruthie Gilmore Speaks at UIC on September 26th

Scholar/activist Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Professor of Geography at the CUNY Graduate Center and one of the founders of Critical Resistance will be speaking at UIC.

Gilmore is known for her critique of mass incarceration, her accessible argument and her activist engagement on grassroots campaigns for justice. Her visionary leadership has been instrumental in advancing the campaign to reduce the over-reliance on incarceration and to build alternative pathways to safety and justice. In her award winning book, Golden Gulag: Prisons, Surplus, Crisis and Opposition in Globalizing California (University of California Press, 2007), she describes how people of color, young people and poor people are targeted by the state for punishment and how communities are organizing resistance movements.

During her presentation, she will share her analysis and outline some strategies that Critical Resistance is using to build broad based alliances working for change.

The presentation will begin at 5:30 in room 302 of Student Center East on UIC’s Campus (750 S. Halsted Street). There will be a reception at 7:30 where local organizations will be invited to bring information about their work and the campaigns they are working on. Additional information about Ruthie Gilmore, Critical Resistance and the impact of the prison industrial complex is available at the following website. Download the flier for the event HERE

Project NIA is proud to be a community co-sponsor of this event.


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