Families in Touch Has Kicked Off!

by Tobin Shelton, Coordinator (Families in Touch)

I have a car that often sits idly on the street outside my apartment. The other week I used my car to take a family to IYC Warrenville to visit a young woman who is detained there. Warrenville seems close when you look at it on the map. But, if you have many children, little income, and a daughter in youth prison, the neighboring suburb can seem very distant indeed. It only takes a few hours to provide transportation to families who have been severed by the distance between Chicago and Warrenville.

The young women at Warrenville make lists of people from whom they wish to receive visits. Please join me in helping to realize their call for support. As compassionate citizens, we are the community that must support families that have been impacted by incarceration.

If you wish to give a ride to a family please be in touch with Tobin Shelton at 303-241-6594 or at chicagofamiliesintouch@gmail.com

Drivers will be compensated $20 for gas.

We are holding a meeting tomorrow 6/18 from 2:00-4:30 pm in the NIA Peace Room at 7035 N. Clark. Please join us if you can!


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