Dispatch #4: “Looking Like Jesus But No Savior”

A youth with whom I work tells me I look like Jesus. I ask her why. “Because he is always there and I know I can do good because of him.” The following week her mother gave me a warm hug and likened me once again to the savior. I do not dare compare myself with Jesus.

I did not go to church growing up and I do not consider myself a believer in capital G-o-d. Like my grandmother, when I must call myself something, I consider myself a secular humanist. I find huge comfort in the faith I have in the human potential for compassion and growth. That I resemble the embodiment of the lord tells me that I am in the right field. However, I just happen to be the ears upon which this powerful utterance fell. In the end mom was communicating her faith in the child-and the child, faith in herself. I concur. As they say, “In this I believe.”


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