Dispatch #3: A Friend in Me

By Camellia Lee, Project NIA Intern

For the last couple of weeks I have been doing some amazing work with a young girl whom I will call girl S. As a forth grader that comes from a difficult upbringing girl S is an amazing young lady. Over the last couple of weeks we have been meeting to discuss some of her issues she has been having at school with other students. Girl S is trying to learn different ways to handle her anger, without taking it out on others. We have worked on issues like knowing that words do hurt others, and knowing that there are other ways that we can channel our anger.

In the event that girl S feels that she is getting angry we have discussed alternatives such as drawing or talking out her issues with the teacher, before displaying her anger to other students. During our discussion of words hurting others I was able to help her understand why words hurt, by expressing to her how she may feel if her mother didn’t as her everyday how she was doing. After further discussion she was happy to write an apology letter to the young lady she had hurt in class, and informed me how she understood that words do hurt others. Following our session I was happy to see girl S mingling with her class mates, and embracing them with care.

With the experience I have had with girl S and all the other students, I literally cherish each moment and wish that I could I have more time with them. I want to offer these beautiful children something they have never had, I want them to know that they have someone to count on. As a mother there are times where I want to take all the children home with me, and give them all the love I have. Being that I am unable to do that, I embrace them during our time together and let them know that they will always have a friend in me.


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